be quiet

Friends, I have two things to tell you about Parker.

Over the weekend Parker and I went on an adventure just the two of us and we had the best time. The whole day seemed so quiet with just one kid. We drove to a nearby town, ate lunch at a sit down restaurant, went shopping, bought popcorn, and drove home. I think it was just what we both needed. Some quiet time to enjoy each other and have a few laughs.

On Sunday we met some friends at a pumpkin patch. Parker ran around loving every moment of it. I was thankful I had my friend there because keeping an eye on a wiggly Matilda (safeguarding from germ exposure) and a wild beast of a three year old is challenging. When it was time to participate in the stick-horse races, Parker was all game. And I honestly thought he had a fair shot of winning. Especially after pronouncing his horse's name was Lightning. He meant business. It was just not the racing kind of business. Ten or so feet off the starting line Parker stopped, with pure determination, to shush the crowd. Everyone urged him on, which only made him more determined to "stop all the shouting." I had to chase him for a bit to keep him on track. He finished last, but was not at all bothered. Isn't that lovely. He is a funny boy. I think I will keep him after all (wink).

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