lion + tamer costume

This is the third post of a Halloween series where I highlight inexpensive and easy, homemade costumes. As a child (the youngest of five) buying a costume from the store was unheard of. I think I convinced my mom to buy me a witch costume kit once and was horribly disappointed and felt guilty for weeks that she spent money on something I secretly did not want to wear. Halloween is only one night a year and the costume is worn for a few hours - search for what you already have, invest in a glue gun, a couple yards of felt, and you should be good to go. View posts one and two here. 

The inspiration for this duo came from the sale rack at Old Navy in the form of Parker's three dollar lion tamer shirt. With his costume done, all I needed to do was make some pom poms, hot glue them to a headband, add yellow felt for detail, and create a tail out of yarn. Simple, yet the kids had so much fun playing the part. Follow me on Instagram for a chance to win the shirt (size 3T), headband (fits all) and tail. Leave a comment below letting me know that you followed. The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 15th and I will have it to you by Halloween.

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