city buddy

Poor Parker, he was sick just about the entire time we were in NYC. He has been looking forward to going on this trip for weeks. The night before we left he was giddy with excitement and kept asking to make sure that it was just one more sleep until we got to go to the city.

It was just a cold, so we tried to get out and walk around, but he kept asking to go back so he could take a nap. Our room this time looked out the front of the building, and Parker was happy to sit at the window and watch the cars and people for hours. There is something about the city that draws him in.

As we were driving away he shouted, "Thanks for the good visit New York City, we will see you in December." And as we continued to make our way out of the city Parker kept saying, "I know that guy, he is my city buddy," referring to all the bridges and landmarks along the way.

When it comes down to it, I think we all feel the same way. The city represents a time and place in our lives that was filled to the brim with blessings. We feel so much joy and thankfulness to have had the experience that we did while Matilda was in the hospital and recovering at the Ronald McDonald House. That moment when Parker stuck his head out of a taxi cab and shouted "Here I am Mama," after 70 long days apart. That moment lives in the city and still brings tears to my eyes.

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