not buying it

I have always been a believer in Santa Claus. I refuse to believe that the magic of St. Nick is not alive and well. I mean really, what fun do people have who take life so seriously that magic is not allowed to seep in? The way I see it, is that if I don't believe, then who will bring me that extra special, extra big present on Christmas day?

Parker is excited for Christmas and I think he believes in Santa Claus. But, as for the Elf on the Shelf, well, he is not buying it. Maybe I played up the naughty and nice thing too much. Maybe I made him believe an actual breathing and talking elf was going to appear at our house. Whatever it was, when he saw "Shelf" (that's what he named him a couple years ago) for the first time this year, he was not impressed. In fact, he was down right disappointed.

So every night when Shelf moves about and finds a new place to sit, he is only greeted with an eye roll and a "but I know he is not real, so why did you put him there" from my blunt little three year old. But let me tell you, I will continue to play along in hope that the magic will return to his heart. Because really, what fun is it to not anticipate, to dream, and to believe?

P.S. Today I caught Parker talking to Shelf when he thought I was not listening. He said, "I know you are just a toy, and not a real elf, but I like you anyway. And thanks for bringing me a candy cane today."

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