the big wean

The time has come to begin the big wean. I was surprised at how much I have enjoyed breastfeeding Matilda (I know even saying that sounds weird) because I struggled with it the entire time with Parker. The differences between my children are stark and bold. Where Parker was slow, Matilda is fast. Where Matilda takes time, Parker was racing ahead.

The hour long nursing sessions with Parker put my patience to the test, but his swift transition from breast to bottle I took for granted. He stopped nursing on his own and moved straight to milk in a cup. Matilda, however, is not showing any interest in milk, water, or juice. Her curiosity for cups, is alive so we are working with that at the moment. She takes a sip and then spits it out. And when I tell her she needs to swallow her drink she looks at me with pride and points to her belly. Yes, Matilda, you are smart, you know that when you swallow the milk goes in your belly.

We will work things out in time. She will transition, just a bit slower than I had anticipated. Nursing Matilda has been such a blessing and I am thankful.

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