sleepy girl

Some of my very favorite moments in life revolve around sleepiness. Those beautiful moments just before falling asleep when all my troubles melt away. Even better is when my kids are falling asleep and their weight slowly fills my arms. Their breathing slows and the most angelic look spreads across their faces.

Sometimes nap time is my worst enemy. The pressure and hope for some quiet peace and the disappointment when things don't go to plan breaks me down. But on the days when we snuggle and rest, all three of us at once, those days I cherish. Especially the moments that follow the nap. The rosy cheeks, the sleepy grins, the hugs that linger, and the after nap burst of energy that fills any room with laughter and joy.

I have always been a sleeper. A napper. An early to bed, late to rise kind of person. Motherhood has challenged every inch of it. And in return, I am blessed.

We are in NYC this week for appointments and when we return my parents will be in town. For the rest of the month, I have decided to take a nap of sorts from the blog. So that I might be able to fully immerse myself in the spirit of Christmas.

I am sure to post some pictures on Instagram, so feel free to pop over there and see what is happening. I will be back in January with lots of photos and anecdotes. Thank you for supporting my decision to take a little break. Happy Holidays!

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