the christmas tree

Over the weekend, we bundled up and hit the road in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Believe it or not, this is only our second real Christmas tree since getting married in 2006. Apartment living sometimes frowns upon the real deal. Then, there was the year we spent living in Australia, and, of course, last year at the Ronald McDonald House in NYC. To me, nothing beats the real smell and wonky shape that a real tree brings into the home.

The kids had fun searching for the best one. Parker was like a pingpong ball bouncing from tree to tree with excitement. Matilda did not understand what all the fuss was about until we brought it inside and added lights. Now she laughs and points anytime it is in sight. These are the memories I want to tuck away and remember each year.

And speaking of tucked away things, we have the best collection of tucked away gems comprised of Tyler's childhood ornaments mixed in with vintage paper cutouts, and a few new ones we have purchased to represent each year. I can't ever imagine having a fancy tree. Nothing can beat the memories that each ornament holds, and isn't that what they are intended to do. In the dark of the winter, we bring life into our home, light it up, and sprinkle it with our happiest thoughts.

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