love the place you live: the apple farm

When my husband first came to me with the idea of moving to Upstate New York, I had this fantastic idea of what life would be like. We would live in a beautiful cape cod home with a wrap-around porch and loads of charm. We would search for treasures at the local antique shops and spend days hiking the Adirondacks. My idea of this area was very picturesque.

My husband landed the job, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Matilda, and we set off with one idea, but ended up with something completely different. The town was not cute at all. It had toilets with flowers for decorations in people's yards, the buildings were all falling apart, and the antique shops were full of dirty furniture from the 80s. We were all disappointed.

Then Matilda was born, and we set off to NYC for four months. And all of a sudden nothing mattered  but the life of our family.

Now, two years have come and gone and I am ready to give this town a second chance. Matilda is able to get out more and we are finding more and more hidden treasures. Like this u-pick apple farm. It is 20 minutes from our house, gorgeous, and perfect for the whole family. They have big bounce obstacle courses, teeter-totters, swing sets, jungle gyms, teepees, a bounce pad, picnic area, wagon rides, and fresh fruit to pick.

It may not be what I expected - the nearest Target is 60 miles away. But my family is here. And with a little searching, so are loads of family adventures, memories to be made, and landscapes to be admired. So it turns out, I really do love the place I live.

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