salty strawberry campfire s'more

I think this summer is the perfect summer to get creative with our s'more making skills. I have put together this series of six new options, so that you can find a new favorite campfire s'more!

Salty Strawberry

two classic graham crackers
chocolate (I think milk works best with this one)
sea salt
one sliced strawberry

The trick to this one is acting extra salty while you are roasting your marshmallow. Make sure to instruct everyone on how to create the perfect glow, and don't stop explaining every move that you make. Basically act like a professor, people will love it! Next, put the chocolate on one of the grahams and sprinkle with a little sea salt. Then place the strawberry on top of that and the cooked marshmallow on top of that (with the second graham to complete). Then continue to critique everyone else's sandwiches making sure to conclude that yours is the best. Ha! Just kidding. Play nice.

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