sprinklers for two - matilda

Sprinklers were always a favorite summer activity of mine. I can remember begging my mom to let me. Bribing my brothers with coins to join me. And wearing my swimsuit all day. Life just seemed like it couldn't get any better than cooling off with a burst of cold water and then laying in the sun.

So it felt like Christmas morning when I set up the sprinkler for the first time this year. I knew Matilda would love it. And she did. First, being in a swimsuit (without a diaper) exhilarated her. She ran around as fast as she could like a weight had been lifted. When I turned the water on, she squealed with excitement and belly laughed at the idea of it. She held her hand out for a feel, and then ran straight into the water. Her laughter is the best. Her joy is the best. It will never get old. And it always brings me to tears. 

Our summer afternoons have been filled with sprinkler fun and I cherish every second of it!

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