swim lessons

When I signed Parker up for a weeklong swimming class, I didn't expect to see him evolve in the way that he did. From excitement and joy, to fear and apprehension, then to acceptance and appreciation.

He doesn't like to get his face wet. We have been working on this at bath time since he was a baby, and I had high hopes that swimming lessons would change that. It did not. And my disappointment was felt by Parker, which made him nervous, apprehensive, and scared (of disappointing me).

On the third day he hardly got in the water because he didn't want to be asked to put his face under. So on the next day, I told him it was okay. And I told his teacher it was okay. But that I wanted him to do everything else that she asked. I wanted him to enjoy being in the water. From that moment on, a burden was lifted and he laughed as hard as he did on day one before he knew about the underwater business.

As for conquering his fears, I think it needs to come from him. He needs to want it. He needs to be brave, and I understand that no one can make him feel any other way. So for now, I will be more supportive, I will keep reassuring him that he will be safe, and I will understand that he is only four.

Parker is full to the brim with joy and watching him grow is really something else.

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