sprinklers for two - parker boy

The pre-excitement over sprinklers was lost on Matilda. She didn't know what I was up to and honestly would have been happy eating blueberries in her suit. But Parker. He knew what I was up to. And it got me into a little bit of trouble.

You see, I got myself, and the kids in our swim suits before I realized that I needed to turn a valve on in the basement. Our very unfinished basement which happens to have spiders, cobwebs, and who knows what else. We never go down there. We keep a desk in front of the door so most of the time we forget there's even anything down there. But there was something down there. The invitation to sprinkler fun. And Parker was ready to go.

I went down the stairs and then back up three times. I got gloves, a stool, and a stick for moving cobwebs. I may have seen a mouse under my feet. With Parker at the top of the stairs cheering me on, and Tyler on FaceTime telling me what to look for, I did it. I held my breath, I buckled down, and I did it. Then I ran as fast as I could back to safety before doing a heebie-jeebie dance.

In the end, it was worth it. Especially since Parker kept telling me how proud of me he was for my bravery. That boy, he is my favorite boy.

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