a diy holiday: tote and tassel

Teenagers can be very difficult to shop for, so for my niece I decided to make her a cute tote and add a simple detail to bring it to the next level. My hope is that it is something she can use, something she appreciates for its unique qualities, and something that makes me look cooler than I am.

For the tote, I used a "Make it Now" project designed by Small Fry for Cricut, but instead of a white tote with black iron on, I did the opposite. By simply following the instructions given in the Design Space, I was able to make something special in a matter of minutes.

Tassels are on trend right now and are as simple to make as they are cute. Here is how you can make your own:

Supplies: yarn, scissors, circle clip, board

Process: First, wrap the yarn around something about the length you want the finished hassle to be. I used a small clip board, but you could use a board book or even a can of soup. Once you have wrapped the yarn around 20-30 times gently scooch it off the board and tie with another piece of yard about an inch down from the top. Slide the clip through the top loop and trim the bottom to create the finished look.

Time: Less than five minutes.

Although this project didn't take long to make or cost a lot of money, I know that my niece will appreciate the thought and effort I put into creating just the right present for her. Because even though teenagers can be hard to shop for, they are some of the most thoughtful and meaning driven people I know.

Also, I am banking on the fact that I doubt she reads my blog on a regular basis... so shhhh.

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