gift idea: creativity packs

One of the worst parts about living away from family is losing touch with my nieces (I have six). Two of them are pre-teen and trying to figure out what they would appreciate for Christmas was leaving my head spinning.

I ended up digging deep to think about what I liked when I was that age, what I thought would help them grow into themselves, and what I could gather locally*. The answer was to put together creativity packs. Here is what to include when making your own:
  • Fancy crayons, colored pencils, or real art markers. They aren't kids anymore - treat them to something special.
  • Notepads that feed a specific interest - a fashion sketchbook, diary, or engineering paper. Ask their parents what they are in to or encourage something new.
  • Unique extras - an unusual eraser, decorative pin, or cute bag. Sometimes being practical is the last thing a pre-teen needs to think about - they are still kids after all.
As for me and my holiday wish list, well, all I want for Christmas is a little quiet time with my arms wrapped tightly around my little family and nothing more. So I am taking next week off - Merry Christmas to me! And I will see you all back here Monday, December 29th with lots more shenanigans.

*Bonus points if you get everything from a university bookstore.

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