homemade wrapping paper

This year I am trying to not spend on holiday extras. Rather, I am finding things that I already have and putting in the extra time to make things extra special. Maybe it is because I have a surplus of crafting items from projects never made or maybe it is because I prefer a homemade touch over shiny and new.

Making wrapping paper is easy, inexpensive, and as festive as ever. Here is how you can make your own:

Supplies: wooden block, one foam sheet, scissors, marker, hot glue, butcher paper or packaging paper, and paint.

Process: You can either draw a simple shape onto your foam sheet or go ahead and just start cutting with the scissors. For each shape, make two to add a little height. Glue the shapes together and then glue onto the block with hot glue. Paint onto the foam, blot on an extra scrap of paper, and then stamp the paper. Let dry and wrap as normal.

Time: It took me ten minutes to make four different stamps and 20 minutes to stamp patterns onto the paper. Giving this project a total of a half hour. Simple, easy, and way less expensive than real wrapping paper.

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