flipz and football

I am excited to partner with FLIPZ® for this Super Bowl post because we have always loved their product!

My husband and I started dating in high school, so some of our first dates involved football. Whether it was watching our high school team play on Friday nights or with friends at a local park, those memories are so special – even though I don’t hold the same love of football as my husband does.

And that’s okay.

We don’t believe in loving all the same things, but we do believe in supporting each other and “playing along” every once in a while. So each year when the Super Bowl rolls around, I make it a special day for the entire family to build memories celebrating an iconic American game.

This year we are making a giant piñata, some fun football balloons, a banner, and marching around to game day music. Is it just me, or does marching band music bring out the best moves and biggest smiles? Nothing beats the uplifting beat of all the drums!

And snacks of course, we can't forget the snacks. Tyler and Matilda love salty foods and Parker and I each have a serious sweet tooth – so FLIPZ® Chocolate Covered Pretzels and FLIPZ® White Fudge Covered Pretzels are the perfect snack combining the best of both worlds. It feels like the ideal (mostly) guilt-free treat to munch and crunch during the game that the entire family loves!

I may not remember who plays in the game, or who scores what and how, but I will remember my kids laughing as their papa jumped with excitement, the chocolate covered fingers perfect for licking, and the memories built together as a family.

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