secret park

Last time we were in NYC, we found the most amazing park tucked in the city near the MET and let the kids pop in and run around and play for a bit before continuing our walk from the hospital to the RMH. We have been referring to it as the secret park, but in reality, it has been there all along - just waiting for us to notice.

We have made that walk upwards of 50 times before we ever really saw it. Isn't that interesting? How many things do we pass each day with our mind closed to possibilities, our eyes looking in a different direction, or feet passing swiftly?

It was the coolest park - no exaggeration necessary. There was a tomb you could climb and then crawl inside through passageways. The ground was soft and springy, there were bridges and paths leading this way and that, and a large row of swings that caught Matilda's eye.

The kids were sad when it was time to go, but we reassured them we could come visit again, that it would wait for us for return, and this time we would see it clear as day.

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