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I mentioned previously that Matilda is the face of organ donation for the upcoming campaign of LiveOnNY. The poster ads should come out in the next couple of months, and I will keep you updated as things roll my way. Here is the story of the day of the photo shoot!

We spent such an amazing day in New York City with the LiveOnNY team. Matilda and I took a taxi to Brooklyn and were greeted by a movie star-type trailer waiting with her name on the front door. Matilda had fallen asleep on the way there and her tiny head leaned against my chest as if she were still a baby.

She woke with a crowd of people staring at her and wasn’t convinced any of this would be fun. But as soon as we stepped outside and she was set free to run on the sidewalk, she was ready for a day full of adventures. First up, we went to the Jane’s Carousel. It is the most beautiful carousel I have ever seen – hand painted for years by talented artists and placed inside a glass box. The carousel waited for Matilda, quiet and still, as if to call her name – Mightily Matilda come play!

She bounced from horse to horse laughing and serious at the same time. And I, well I held back the tears. Her joy, her excitement, and her zest filled the room and spoke volumes to her transplant success. She is alive and so well.

Next, we played at a park, and again she was happy to run, to laugh, and to play. The photographer laughed as he tried his best to keep up and capture her on film. And off we went to the giant YO or OY depending on which way you stood. She photo bombed a young couple and made them laugh as she poked her head between theirs and said hello. Nothing holds her back, she is confident, and eager.

As we returned to the trailer to change Matilda back into her regular clothes, she was given a gift, we laughed as she ate candy, and caught glimpses of the beautiful photos taken of her by the team.

Long Live Matilda. Long Live New York.

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