the simple things

Well, it is full on winter here, now. The temperatures are frigid, the snow is packed high, and the roads are icy.

But here are a list of the positives:

  • It is beautiful.
  • We have the perfect sledding hill in our backyard.
  • Rosy cheeks are the cutest.
  • Snuggling by the fire reading books is cozy.
  • Enjoying the simple moments makes my heart happy.

I really do love how winter slows things down a bit. Yeah, we still have a lot going on, and work wise this is the busiest time of the year. But, somehow sitting with the kids drinking hot chocolate becomes this magical moment full of so much beauty and joy.

The truth is, I don't take photos to remember what we did, but rather how we felt. I want to remember the way Matilda squints when going in for a drink. I want to remember the perfect satisfaction and joy on Parker's face when I offer to top off his drink with a few extra marshmallows. I want to remember their tiny hands and their careful grip as they try not to spill. I want to hold on and remember all the little things that seem to fly by during the rest of the year when we are all running in different directions.

So tell me, how do you find joy during the colder months?

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