goal + a jimmy case review

My friend MJ asked me to join her Finders group where we all encourage each other to do something big for 100 days. She made us a countdown, a daily goal tracker, and put us in a private Facebook group to encourage each other daily.

At first, I thought I should think of a goal to achieve that related to blogging, or writing, or financial success. But the more I thought about what I needed encouragement on, it kept coming down to my health. I got so focused last year on my mental health and keeping up with life, that I allowed myself some (uhhh, a lot of) grace and guilt free treats and not feeling bad about not working out. It was good and I needed that time to heal in other ways, but this extra 30 pounds I gained isn't going to disappear on its own. So, back to the gym I go - for 100 days!

And along with my organization focus for the year, The Jimmy Case (full disclosure - the company gave me the case to try out) makes going to the gym a breeze. I like the sleek wood finish on the back, the simple and low-key front, but most of all I love the pocket in the back for a few cards, my gym membership, and a little cash. I love not having to bring in my bag or worrying about theft. I have everything important tucked right into my phone, which I use to listen to podcasts while I work out.

If you are looking for a phone case/wallet, I highly recommend this one. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought my father-in-law one for Christmas after receiving this one in the mail.

One more thing - in case you are interested - the shirt in this post is from MJ's shop - Pars Caeli and she has lots of other fun things to buy!

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