6 months

Dearest Matilda,

You are 6 months old and I can't get enough of you. Your smile, your laugh, your curled up toes. I love the way you grab onto things with your fingers, so delicate and gentle. I cannot help but kiss your cheeks.

You adore your brother. You are ready for food, we are getting there. You suck your thumb every once in awhile. You get excited when you find your toes. You let us know when you are tired and fall asleep easily as long as you are held. You can sit, but have not rolled over on your own yet. You have a doll that Papa named Ruby. You are a champ at getting your blood taken and you don't complain much when taking all your medicines. You are healthy.

I wish I could keep you just like this forever, but am looking forward to watching you grow. You are so loved and so perfect. Happy half birthday.

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