I need glasses.

Well, the truth is that I have always needed glasses, but have also always hated wearing them. When I have glasses on I feel distant, like I am in a different room and no one can see me. Is this just me, can anyone relate?

Is it foolish of me to think that if I find the right pair I can stick to it?

It hit me when Parker kept asking, "Why you sad mom? Why your eyes look sad?". I guess I have been squinting a lot lately. Maybe it is because I am more tired. Maybe the stress of the past 6 months has caught up to me. Maybe I am just getting older. But I definitely need to buckle down, get my eyes re-checked, and learn to enjoy wearing glasses so that I can see without squinting. I am tired of my eyes feeling like they are on fire.

I was intrigued by this company for obvious reasons - the name being Parker. After perusing the choices I found myself really impressed and excited about the idea of glasses. The prices are fair, the quality seems excellent and you get the added bonus of picking 5 pairs to wear around before making any final decisions! I don't mind if I do.


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