moving forward

Okay, here I go, I am jumping in.

I am going to make it my goal to post something on Fridays that is just for me. Fresh Start Friday. For too long in my life I have had dreams, ambitions, and goals that are only put into motion in my daydreams. I tend to cut my self slack a little too often. But life is short, and I am not benefiting anyone by letting my dreams linger in a heap of laziness.

It is hard having to stay at home all the time (my daughter Matilda is immune compromised and keeping her healthy sometimes means keeping her home). This blog will allow me to "get out" and say hello.

As in all unfortunate events, it is easy to get sucked into a negative "poor me" mindset. And really, that is unacceptable. What happened with Matilda changed our way of thinking, but it did not change who we are. We are fighters. We move forward.

So here is my moving forward!

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