an easter gift

I felted a little bunny for Matilda's first Easter. It did not take very long, I finished most of it during nap time, and the rest of it with Matilda on my lap. We even had time to read a few books before Parker woke up.

If you want to try this for yourself you will need: wool roving, a felting needle, and a foam pad (to work on). I started off following the directions in this book. Then things started to get complicated with anchor buttons, wire thread, and super glue. So I put the book down and just went for it on my own.

It was a pretty simple five step process:
  1. Pull a hunk of your wool roving and wrap it around your finger to make your desired shape (body, legs, arms, head, ears, and tail). When you felt the wool it shrinks quite a bit, so start with large shapes.
  2. Jab the wool with your felting needle until you achieve the right shape. Just keep turning and jabbing. It should become firm.
  3. Add details by felting other colors to the ears, tummy, and face.
  4. Attach all the parts together by adding a little wisp of wool in-between each piece before jabbing around and through the limbs until they stick together tightly.
  5. Feel proud of your accomplishment and a little more prepared for Easter.

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