I thought living at the Amish County Inn all summer was a challenge; try living in a single room (2 single beds) at the Ronald McDonald House for a month with two kids and almost none of their things. At first it was fantastic! I had both my kids snuggled in my arms, healthy, and lovable as ever. But a two year old needs to run, play, and explore. It was fun on days when we could roam around the building or make new friends. But if any of us felt like we were coming down with anything, we were quarantined to our room. Which was also complicated because it also meant being quarantined from Matilda. Parker did very well under the circumstances. As a reward for good behavior on the days that we were cooped up, Parker was able to pick and watch a movie of his choice. His choice was always Wall-E.

I like Wall-E. I enjoy the music. I like that it focuses on non-verbal language like facial expressions and body language. And I love the message that it sends about pollution and over consumption. I honestly enjoy watching it, even though I have seen it a countless number of times. But the best part is being able to hold and snuggle an otherwise active little Parker.

Auntie Meghan sent the kids Wall-E pez dispensers that have quickly become housemates. I am always finding them hanging out together in random places around the house.

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