11 months

At 11 months, Matilda loves to give kisses. Big, open-mouthed, sloppy kisses. She likes to make all sorts of kissing sounds and celebrates with laughter and clapping.

I'm getting a little more adventurous with what I introduce Matilda to. Even letting her taste table food. She never rushes into it. She loves to look at food, smell it, and then indulges in little tastes. When I gave her a piece of cheese she held it, laughing as it wiggled a bit in between her fingers and when she tasted it her eyes lit up in amazement. She experiences food so differently than Parker. It is such a joy to watch.

Matilda is officially ready to turn one next month.

P.S., that pie we are eating was an easy peach custard pie. Seriously, it was so easy to make. We pulled the recipe from You Are My Fave.

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