a developmental screen

I spent the last seven years evaluating students on a daily basis as a reading specialist. I worked with ages 3-18, conducted 2-hour long assessments, created individualized programs, attended IEP meetings, held parent conferences, wrote monthly reports, and spent a good deal of time on the phone explaining to parents the benefits of early intervention.

So although Matilda seems to be meeting her developmental milestones, I have been pushing for an evaluation. Parents can't always see the red flags, and honestly I think that is okay. Children should be perfect in the eyes of their parents.

It turns out that Matilda is meeting most of her milestones. And the ones she is yet to reach are maybe my fault. They would like Matilda to be crawling. She has coordination, but every time she comes close to the edge of her blanket I move her back to the center. I am teaching her to remain in one spot.

Oops. I feel like our life will always be a balancing act between germ exposure* and life exposure. Happy 9 Month Transplant-iversary Matilda. We love you.

*Matilda's anti-rejection medication supreses her immune system.

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