three year well-child visit

Parker had his three year well-child check this week. Yes, I am aware that we were half a year late on that one. Things got complicated and Parker is healthy. I dropped the ball, it won't happen again.

When we told him he had a check-up appointment, he was nervous and reserved. He knows the routine well, as he accompanies Matilda to her countless appointments. I stayed home with Matilda and Tyler took Parker. On the way there he told Tyler that he didn't want to get a railroad track on his tummy like Matilda.

When they returned, Parker was bouncing with excitement! He told me that he is big and strong. He weighs 35lbs which is in the 67% and is 3'3" tall which is in the 63% for height. When asked what he likes to eat he said, "carrots, broccoli, celery, lettuce, berries, green apples, red apples, and rice" which is about right.

When the doctor was asking about safety when riding a trike, Parker told him that he rides a bike (without training wheels) and always wears his helmet. And that he is always careful because he doesn't want to have to ride in an ambulance. These are the things that break my heart.

The recommendation is to hold off on preschool for another year. He said that he would not risk the germ exposure for Matilda's sake. On top of that Parker is well spoken and knowlegable. I am torn on this one and would love advice/recommendations from others. I think Parker would benefit from the social aspects of preschool. I also just think he would love it. So please, let me know what you think. When did you send your little ones to preschool? Did they get sick often that first year? Do you think two years of preschool is necessary?

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