new teeth

These teeth. I can't get enough of them. The gap is adorable.

Having a large gap in between the front teeth runs on both sides of my family. My sister Meghan wishes that she still had hers (we all got the muscle cut or taken out or something, I don't really remember anything but the laughing gas and how I enjoyed it). I don't know. I get what she is saying. It gives character.

Braces are a no brainer. I always wish I would have gotten those, my teeth are only slightly wonky so - you know how it goes. When should parents step in and take care of cosmetic things and when should they wait and let the child decide when they are old enough to understand (I am talking mid twenties, not high school aged)? Do we fork over the money in the hope that we can shelter our children from playground mockery or do we invest in the time to teach about self-worth, positive body image, and acceptance?

Who knows, maybe Matilda's gap will fill in when her other teeth poke through. But let's not forget the massive scar on her belly, the clover shaped scar on her chest, the "second belly button" from her drain, the cluster of scars on her neck, or the collection of scars on her inner thigh that she will carry for the rest of her life. I have lots of "hopes" for Matilda and one of them is for her to love and be proud of exactly who she is - not what she was or could be, but who she is each day.

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