can't beat central park

Central Park is still our favorite destination when we have a little free time in NYC. It can be hard on the kids when we are extra worried about city germs and what not. The more crowded the area, the more we hold on tight. The more we hold on, the more the kids push away. Our solution, a trip to the park. Everyone can walk around a little bit, play a little bit, and relax a bit. Not to mention you can travel a fair bit across the city without realizing it.

Here is my list of things to do at the park: swing, give a buck or two to a street performer, spot celebrities (Kelly Ripa nearly ran into me and Matilda), go down the granite slide, spot houses, find something new (we found a few huge statues we had never seen before), take some pictures on a big rock, count the dogs, find a shady spot for snacks, look at street art, and apply lots of sanitizer.

No joke, Central Park is the best.

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