two year well check

The funny thing is, Matilda has not actually had her official two year well check with her pediatrician yet. But she has seen her transplant team, and the fact that they gave her a big huge thumbs up is cause for celebration!

We marched into the hospital exactly two years after she was admitted and put on life support. Two years after I was sat down and told she had swelling in her brain and would most likely not make it. Two years after my world came crashing down around me, I watched my very rambunctious toddler run up and down the halls of the hospital causing everyone to stop, smile, and wave.

She stole hearts with sadness then, and she steals hearts with laughter now. Matilda is healthy. Her labs are all perfect, her liver is perfect, she has absolutely no signs of rejection, and raised no red flags. In fact, they don't even want to see her labs for two months. Two months!

So there you have it. Matilda is well and we continue to count our blessings every single day.

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