halloween 2014

When we were creating the Halloween Craft Packs for the PICU back in September, Parker so proudly declared (as he matched up his costume on those cute little olliblocks) that he would be a "skeleton bone man" this year and Matilda would be a witch. It didn't seem super creative, but to Parker it was an original idea and that is all that matters. And really, there is something so classic and fun about sticking to the basics.

Parker is wearing pajamas with make up. Matilda has on a dress I bought long ago but that is still a little big, paired with a black undershirt and tights, a homemade hat (felt, cardboard, and hot glue), and a cat for good measure. Simple, already in the closet, and still cute as can be. In fact, Parker got annoyed with me because I kept on telling him how cute he was despite the scary faces he was trying to spook me with.

Happy Halloween everyone and take it easy on the candy.

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