pie for breakfast

One of my very favorite things about Thanksgiving is eating pie for breakfast the next day. So much so that sometimes I hide a piece just for that occasion.

Now, I know Thanksgiving is still a month away, but really, can we ever be too prepared when it comes to holiday deserts. Here is how you can make your own.

Supplies: Cricut Explore, two pieces of paper, scoring stylus, Cricut writing pen, mat, glue, and glitter.

Process: If you search for "pie box" in the Cricut Design Space, a few different options come up that you can choose from - already measured the perfect size for a good slice of pie. There is even one ready to go in the Make-It-Now section. I added text to the top of my box and made sure to click the draw icon so that it did not cut into the top of the box (although, that might look cool, too). After placing my paper on the mat I followed the instructions on the GO screen. I had to put in the pen first, and then switch it out for the scoring stylus. Then, the Cricut Explore did it's magic! It was easy to know where to glue because of the tabs and score lines. I added the glitter by hand once the boxes were finished.

Time: If I would have known how easy it was to make a pie box, I would have been doing this all along. With the Cricut Explore, this took less than five minutes to make three - 10 minutes after adding glitter embellishments. Easy as pie!

This project was submitted as an entry into the Cricut Design Star challenge. Cricut has asked a number of bloggers to enter projects with specific themes as a fun way to test out the Cricut Explore. I chose to participate in this group because I honestly believe the Cricut Explore is a game changer in the world of crafting and, really, who doesn't love a little competition on the side.

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