10 reasons to invest in a play kitchen

We picked out this kitchen for Parker's 2nd birthday. It is simple, wooden, and on the small side. And, I have to say that it is single best toy we own. Here are ten reasons why:
  1. it helps me to engage in play
  2. it affords the opportunity to explore math concepts
  3. it gets played with on a daily basis
  4. it maintains interest by changing out the food items
  5. it is something both kids can do together - they love to make different dishes for each other to "taste"
  6. it encourages imaginative play such as smelling, tasting, waiting for things to cook, etc.
  7. it is gender neutral - as Parker grows out of it, Matilda will continue to use it
  8. it is small enough that I can move it from room to room or even outside
  9. its classic design and wooden construction is not sore on the eyes whatsoever
  10. it is great for practicing descriptive words that help build vocabulary

P.S. This scene was not staged. I went upstairs to put Matilda to a nap and while I was away Parker set up this "store". He was beaming when I came downstairs and was beyond excited to show me that he built a real display. But of course, he was in character, so he had to play it cool. We played all things kitchen during Matilda's entire nap and beyond. It was perfect.

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