18 months post-transplant

Yep, on May 2nd Matilda celebrated 18 months post-transplant. It is really hard to believe that a year and a half ago my life changed forever. We were so close to losing Matilda. So close to saying goodbye. So close to being swept up in grief. But through the work of so many, Matilda was chosen to be saved.

Medical bills, doctor appointments, restrictions, medications, frequent labs, and isolation have never felt so good. Of course I have been worn down at times, I have felt the frustrations of motherhood, but I am happy to take Matilda to the doctor, I am happy to pay an endless amount of medical bills, I am happy to do whatever it takes because I know that all of it means I get to kiss Matilda's cheeks everyday. To hold her in my arms. To make her laugh.

Speaking of which, her new favorite thing is to play airplane. I have said it once and I will say it again - Matilda loves to fly, but I am forever grateful she stayed down here with us.

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