long weekend fun

I hope you are able to enjoy the long weekend as much as we have been. Growing up, Memorial Day weekend was always spent at our family's cabin in Montana - fighting over beds, playing cards while it rained, and daring each other to jump into the freezing lake.

Some of my very favorite memories are up at that lake and I cherish them like long-lost friends. I replay them in my head to feel that same sense of adventure I felt while exploring the woods with my siblings. But, I am also glad that I am not there right now. Matilda is my new adventure and I am happy to give up cabin life and lake water. Sure those things could be fine, she might not get sick, but I also know that I would not be able to relax for a minute because of the worry.

And that is okay.

I am doing my best to move forward in this new life with Matilda as a post-transplant patient. For goodness sakes, I let her run around without her shoes on in the yard and steal a lick off her brother's ice cream cone when he isn't looking. I am learning to let go at my own pace.

Right now, I am happy to feel excitement over a new lawn mower. I am happy to pull weeds and teach my four year old about planting. I am happy to hold my family close and make our own long weekend fun.

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