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To Parker and Matilda:

Hey guys. My loves. I wanted to talk to you directly today, something I don't usually do in this space. But it is Mother's Day, and I am feeling especially sentimental and need to tell you a few things.

First of all, I don't think I really was, until I was your mother. I lived a good life. I tried my best, I worked hard, I loved your Papa. But I didn't feel things the way I feel them now. I didn't love the way I do now. And I wasn't motivated the way I am now. I was born, when you were born. And not just when Parker was born. Matilda you have shaped me into something new all on your own. And Parker before you. It is hard to explain, but each of you brought me into a new world full of things I didn't know existed. Some scary things, but things that woke me up, opened my eyes, and made me thirst.

Second, this is your childhood. You are in the thick of it. But the thing is, this is not the time of your life. In fact, you won't remember most of it. You will remember glimpses of it. How you felt, how I made you feel. What was fun, what was scary, and what went wrong. You will remember laughing, but not always about what. You will remember the trips that we took, but forget how we got there. You will remember the smell of your clothes, but not what they looked like. My point is that your childhood is so important because it shapes who you will become, but it will not define who you are. That is up to you - when it is your time.

Lastly, I realized something and it is big. I realized, that this is the time of my life. This is it! Being your mom and nurturing your childhood is the happiest time of my life. These are the moments that I will look back for the rest of my life, reliving in my mind for that sweet glimpse into happiness. I am not saying that I won't be happy when all is said and done - I just can't imagine ever feeling any better than this, doing anything more important that this, living a more full life than this.

I was born, when you were born.

Now, to everyone else:

Did you know that every two minutes a mother dies during pregnancy or childbirth. And that most die from things that are completely preventable. Please watch this short video from Every Mother Counts, and take two minutes to contribute during the month of May.

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