big girl bed

A while back, I posted this picture on IG of Matilda with her crib converted into a bed. She was not even 18 months, and a few people questioned why we transitioned her so early. But, the truth is that she had not been sleeping in her crib at all. I haven't been the best sleeper since living in the hospital. Sometimes I even wake up and forget where I am, but keeping Matilda close helped ease my worry. So there she slept, in our bed.

Until one day, as I was leaving the house, I said to Tyler, "Why do we even have a crib for Matilda? We might as well turn it into a bed." I was not totally serious, but when I came home the transition was made. And then, of course, I got sentimental with the realization that I no longer had a baby, but a toddler.

But, then the best thing happened. Matilda got so excited about her new bed. She started pointing to it when it was time to nap or go to bed. And just like that, she was sleeping on her own. We all transitioned so effortlessly, and are all getting a better night's sleep.

The funny thing is that the same thing happened around the same age with Parker. He hated sleeping in his crib and would wake up screaming and calling our names several times in the night, until we turned the crib into a bed. As soon as we did that, he was fine. Parker never crawled out of bed, but I guess knowing that he could made all the difference. Matilda seems to feel the same way. If she wakes up, she sits up but never tries to get out.

I guess we are lucky to have such independent children, even if it means they grow up faster than I sometimes want.

P.S. These photos were taken before Matilda lost her bottom front tooth and were taken with my phone.

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