Matilda keeps me busy, really busy. She is curious, determined, and stubborn. Parker has always been a bit more cautious - people pleasing. Matilda seems to understand that if she asks, she will get a no, and not wanting a no, she skips the asking.

She climbs on everything and gets to places Parker would never dare go. She is strong and can pull herself onto anything she can reach. And she is innovative - moving chairs, stools, or boxes to create ladders.

So, the way I see it, I can fight her, or I can join her. I think it is time she got to enjoy playdates, visits to the library, and maybe even the park. Just typing that scares me a little bit, but keeping her isolated also scares me.

Matilda is a fighter - her name means "mighty in battle." She knows how to get what she wants, and I love that about her. Right now, she is telling me that she wants to get out, she wants to explore, and she wants to be free.

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