run 30 - last day

Yay! I did it. And I feel proud that I made it to the end. There were definitely days that going for a 5K run was the last thing I wanted to do. Parenting two busy kids is exhausting enough! But I pulled through, and it paid off.

In total I lost 5 lbs, which doesn't sound like a lot. BUT it is a lot. That is five pounds lost in one month, and probably more fat lost and some muscle gained. And really, pictures don't lie. I look and feel better that I did 30 days ago!

So my next plan is to take a few off and then start up another Run 30 on June 13th! Who is with me?! I love LOVE to hear from people who are following along. And please tell me what I can do to encourage and support you. Would it be fun to offer prizes for those who finish? I know for me showing you guys pictures of myself motivated me to keep at it!

But honestly, I hope that there are some of you out there who feel inspired to start feeling better today. Because each day, stacked up, does make a big difference.

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