ice cream tote diy with cricut

Matilda is at the monkey see monkey do phase of toddlerhood. If Parker has a backpack, then she wants a backpack, and if I have a tote, she wants a tote. And because I think watching her decide what she wants to bring somewhere is the cutest thing ever - I customized a tote just for her.

Here is how you can make an ice cream tote bag, too.

Materials: plain tote bag (the one I used is from the dollar store), Cricut iron-on transfer (you could use any, but let me tell you Cricut has perfected the iron-on - it bonds with the fabric and looks professional), iron and board, cloth napkin or tea towel, and either the Cricut Explore or an x-acto knife.

Process: You guys, the Cricut Design Space makes creating things the easiest ever, and I promise I am not just saying that. Designing something new from scratch always slows me down and sometimes stops me in my tracks. But with the Design Space you can just search topics and find beautiful designs in such a variety of aesthetics. I found an ice cream cone I liked, placed the iron-on transfer with the shiny side down, flipped my image, set the cut to vinyl, and pressed go. I then used scissors to cut around the pre-cut image and removed the cut out pieces of white that I didn't want on the bag. After letting my iron warm up, I placed a cloth napkin between the iron and bag and warmed the material a bit. I placed the cone shiny side up, covered with the napkin again, and ironed for about three minutes. Once it bonded with the fabric, I was able to easily pull off the shiny transfer backing.

Time: Because I used the amazing Cricut Explore, this project only took me 10 minutes.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really believe in their product and company.

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