ice cream chop block stencil diy with cricut

One night Tyler and I had the best time remembering all the things we used to use to occupy ourselves during long car rides before movies in the car were a thing. And we landed on the same favorite, the stencil. Simple, easy to leave in the car, and loads of fun.

And because I like to DIY and I like summer treats, I decided to make my own ice cream stencil. Here is how you can make one, too!

Materials: chop mat (I got a two pack from the dollar store in the kitchen section), Cricut Explore with a deep cut blade, colored pencils, and a notepad.

  • insert a design from the Cricut Design Space
  • most of the designs consist of multiple layers - to separate the design into its individual layers, select it, right click it, and ungroup it
  • arrange the individual layers as you wish for your stencil (we used parts of multiple images)
  • select all the parts of your stencil and attach them (available in the Layers panel or the right click context menu) - this will keep them grouped exactly as they are laid out on the screen
  • after you load the stencil material onto a mat, make sure to turn your dial to the custom setting, then in the Go tab select CHIPBOARD - 0.55mm. I tested a few options and that one won, hands down! 
Time: With the Cricut Explore, this took me about 15 minutes - picking the designs and deciding what I wanted took the longest.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really believe in their product and company.

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