how to train your dragon 2

About a month ago, Tyler said that all he wanted for Father's Day was to go see a movie and eat popcorn in a theater. When we lived in Australia going to movies together was a regular treat. In fact, we went to How to Train Your Dragon just before Parker's due date and on the walk home I was almost certain labor was on its way (it wasn't).

So when we were in NYC, we jumped at the chance to see a private screening of How to Train Your Dragon 2. And let me tell you, it was such an amazing experience. The nicest man from DreamWorks flew to NYC with the movie in hand and never let it out of his sight (since the movie had not been released yet).

And the movie, you guys, it was so good! It is a story based on adventure, loss, friendship, trust, and family. Sometimes life is hard, and when you think you have overcome the worst obstacle it gets even harder. This movie celebrates how one boy is able to overcome adversity and sorrow with all odds stacked up against him. Cartoon or not, this story is beautiful.

And to watch Parker and Tyler bond and recap the story with such excitement was the best. It always makes me sad to watch my babies grow into little people. But this gave me a glimpse into the fun that we will have over the next five or so years. I am glad Tyler got the Father's Day he wanted, but I think I made out with a pretty awesome gift myself.

P.S. I give Tyler the same card every year for Father's Day, and frankly I am impressed with myself that I have not misplaced it (knock on wood). It looks like a wallet with all sorts of random dad stuff inside, perfect for writing little notes on each year. This year, Parker drew a map of all the major events from the movie on a "ticket stub" to commemorate the movie date.

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