school days

I guess this is the week of comparisons or something because I have another doozy for you. Parker is nearing the end of his first year of school. I was so apprehensive to start him, but it was really such a good decision. He loves school!

Parker is such a social person and school allows him the opportunity to engage and connect with a good variety of people. I never want him to feel like his sister's circumstances are holding him back. And really, I think they have pushed him forward in ways that I might never understand.

And even though I document our everyday, I crave a look into the past. To talk with a year younger Parker. To hug his smaller body, and run my hands through his hair. I bet other parents can relate. I bet my mom would love to spend a day with four-year-old Kelly. Ha! I bet four-year-old Kelly was a spitfire, just like Parker is now.

I feel so blessed that Parker had an amazing first year of school. Now, here is to hoping they all go so well!

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