first swing

If you happen to follow me on Pippit, then you got a sneak peak video of Matilda on a swing for the first time, in Central Park no less.

I have taken Matilda to the park a few times, trying to build up the courage to let her play. The thought of germs and the fear of Matilda getting sick always seemed to win. But this day, this beautiful day walking right through the middle of Central Park seemed like the perfect time. Parker was doing a playground crawl (more on that later) and Matilda stayed patiently tucked away in her pouch, pleasantly watching all the kids around her.

Now I am not kidding, there was this moment that felt like a cheesy Disney movie scene where I looked over and the sun was shining down on this empty swing set. It was practically calling her name as the lone swing bobbed back and forth in the breeze.

So I got out my sanitizing wipes and cleaned the swing from top to bottom. And then it happened. I put her in. And she covered her little mouth with excitement and disbelief. We had a whole conversation with our eyes, mine full of tears and hers full of anticipation.

She loved it. Every single second of it.

When Tyler found us, he was shocked - I didn't ask him what he thought, I didn't want the fun to end. I just reassured him that I wiped the whole thing down. And Parker of course wanted to swing right next to her, even though they were the baby kind of swings. And we let him, because, why not.

I never would have imagined that my fears would revolve around playgrounds, or that conquering them would feel like an epic tale. But they are, and it was. I will do anything for Matilda - to see her joy, to teach her not to be afraid, and to show her the world is in her hands. Even if it is as simple as riding on a swing for the first time, to us, it is much more than that.

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