10 reasons why you need a cricut explore

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I have been working with Cricut for about a year now, and the thing is, I have been waiting to do a post like this until I really felt comfortable with the machine, trusted its integrity, and felt my readers would be interested to learn more.

Here are my top ten reasons to buy a Cricut Explore:
  1. It's a Solid Investment: Yes, it is expensive. But, anyone could very easily recoup the cost by setting up a simple booth at a local farmer's market selling banners, gift tags, cards, etc or from the savings from making gifts, cards, etc. instead of buying them. 
  2. Endless Possibilities: With the wide variety of materials (leather, felt, cardboard, balsa wood, even wax paper) there doesn't seem to be a limit to what you can think up and create. 
  3. It's Easy: I had never used a machine like this and was intimidated at first. But the Cricut team really works hard to make things as simple as possible. 
  4. It Writes: I really don't like my handwriting. It sounds silly, but it often holds me back from completing projects. Now, I can have that handmade look, without ruining a project with my chicken scratch. 
  5. It's the Best: I was envious for years of a friend who owned a Silhouette. Not any more - Cricut Explore vs. Silhouette
  6. Flexible Software: Although they provide an online software program for free, I am not bound to using it while creating my projects. I can upload any jpgs, svgs, or pngs into the program and cut for free.
  7. Vast Image Bank: For $9.99/month you have unlimited access to 25,000 images or can choose to buy specific images for $0.99 each. And those images can be altered or changed.
  8. Time Saver: When I am making projects in bulk (Cloudy Day Craft Packs) the Cricut Explore saves me so much of time.
  9. Moving Forward: I have been impressed with the innovation that this company continues to work toward. Since the Explore was released (end of January 2014) they have continued to develop new machine compatible upgrades such as the Make it Now app, wireless cutting bluetooth adapter,  print and cut features, and now an iPad app (coming very soon) with full design capabilities.
  10. Best CEO Ever: Mostly, I believe in this company and know that at the core they are made up of really good people trying their best to spread happiness through crafting. The CEO, Ashish, is such a kind and friendly man. So much so that when Matilda's Ulive video was released he wrote to me personally and shared the video on his personal channels, as well as through Cricut. That kind of generosity and willingness to enhance community outlook cannot be bought. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community.
And one more thing.

I have Black Friday Sale information for you and it is go-ood! So get your pocket books ready and check back here on Friday!

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