the skinny chef

Parker loves to watch cooking shows. He stands right in front of the TV analyzing every ingredient, curious to see how it turns out, and asking questions the entire time. He has always been interested in helping in the kitchen and loves nothing more than to whip something up with the mixer.

The funny thing is that he doesn't ever want to eat what he makes. Or anything really. Every meal is a struggle and every first bite (even something he has eaten before and enjoyed) comes with a look on his face like he might lose it. His nose sucks in a little and his eyes water - before declaring if it is good or bad. So I was joking with Tyler that maybe Parker will be a skinny chef because he will have to leave the tasting to someone else.

The other day, Parker made this pie all by himself. No exaggeration. He measured everything, rolled out the dough, measured and trimmed, placed it in, pinched the edges, cut decorative leaves, and gave them a good egg wash. Now that I think of it, he did ask me to pour in the filling for him. He loved every second of it. And, I could not have been more proud. He even took a little taste, before serving it up to me and Tyler. Who is this kid? He is only four!

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