younique mascara review

I am no make up expert. I tend to rely on bright lipstick to distract people from my lack of anything else. So, I was genuinely excited to try out this new mascara that the internet has been buzzing about. I figured I would be the perfect nonpartisan blogger to give it a go and, lucky for me, I have a friend who sells it. She sent me a sample to try for free, but is not paying me for the review - all of these opinions are for real.

The way that it works is so simple. First, you put on the transplanting gel. Then, before it dries, carefully apply the fibers to your lashes - just as if you were applying regular mascara. Last, you seal with the transplanting gel and repeat for more drama. If I can do it, so can you.

I only did one coat for these photos and the look was impressive. Honestly, I felt really glamorous and couldn't help but pose more dramatically during the after photos. And that right there says it all. I felt more beautiful, more confident, and was amazed at how bright and awake my eyes looked.

The thing is, I won't wear this mascara on a daily basis because I am going to try and make this freebie last as long as possible. It will be brought out for special occasions, photoshoots, and conferences. It will give me that extra boost when I need it the most.

So thank you Sara! She even set up a virtual party for all of you to participate in. So, if you are interested in learning more or, better yet, getting yourself some amazing lashes that last all day (and all night and into the next day - at least if you are like me and don't get around to properly removing your make-up), then head on over to Sara's website to check it out.

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