typography holiday blocks

As much as I like the trendy holiday find, when I think of my childhood I remember the classic items that were brought back year after year. I remember my brother and I playing with a reindeer set every year. I remember setting up the nativity set with my mom. And I remember the toys my grandparents brought out of the closet to occupy all the kids. I want that for my kids, for my grandkids even. So I took the time to make these typography holiday blocks, and hope they become a staple for generations to come.

Supplies: nine wooden blocks, paint, paintbrush, mod podge, white sticker paper (or cardstock), and the Cricut Explore.

Process: Sand, paint, and prep each of your blocks just like you did for this project. Then, head into Design Space and type in any 9 letter holiday words or phrase such as: "candy cane", "saint nick", or "snowflake". I used airplane as my font. Set the dial to iron-on (so that it only cuts through the first sticker layer) and press go. Next, lightly coat the surface of each block with mod podge before adding the sticker. Once that dries, add another light layer on top.

Time: Painting took me a long time. But adding the stickers only took an hour with both layers of mod podge.

Now go and spread holiday cheer!

Cricut has asked a number of bloggers to enter projects with specific themes as a fun way to test out the Cricut Explore. I chose to participate in this group because I honestly believe the Cricut Explore is a game changer in the world of crafting and, really, who doesn't love a little competition on the side. I don't get paid, but I could win prizes if choose in the top ten.

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