full day pre-k

I remember going to half day Kindergarten and what it felt like to jump to full days when first grade started. I remember how exhausted I was and how annoyed I was to have to wear my shoes the entire day. I remember hating it.

But Parker is different. We had the choice of doing full day or half day preschool this year and we didn't even consider full day. He is only four. I told myself that he didn't need to be at school all day. And that was that.

However, the last few weeks Parker has been voicing his desire to stay at school. When I would pick him up, disappointment flushed over his face. He wanted to stay. And then I realized, of course he does. By the time we made the walk home from school, it was time for Matilda to nap, me to get some work done, and Parker to have quiet time.

So I was pulling him out of school to give him quiet time. Of course he was bored. Of course he wanted to stay, to play, to learn, and to have fun!

And let me tell you, the kid is loving every second of his new full day schedule. Now when we gets home from school Matilda is rested, I am ready for a break, and we are all ready for a lot of laughter.

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